Software for Project - Gain the Advantage and Remove Barriers

Companies who want Software for Projects, need flexible and scalable solutions. These systems help drive new productivity and collaboration throughout the service organization and beyond — to also incorporate customers and trading partners.

Service organizations today must respond to a new set of challenges that IT Project software can help solve. With heightened client expectations, each project team must function at optimal speed and efficiency.

Furthermore, in today's challenging economic environment it has never been more important to focus on internal efficiencies and how Project Software can help the team best complete the work.

Project Software - Return on Investment

  • Develop sophisticated proposals that are quickly tailored to customer engagements
  • Take control of time, expense, and material entry, and approvals through a Web browser or mobile device
  • Implement project billing based on: fixed price, time & materials, payment schedules, or project milestones
  • Boost collaboration and enhance user experience with Web 2.0 functionality and two way integration with both Microsoft© Project and Microsoft Outlook©
  • Employ robust audit capabilities and ensure compliance with financial regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, GAAP and IFRS
  • Easily access enterprise data for real-time exception management, online reporting, and analysis
  • Grow and change your business with a system that will support you long term

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