Steel Software - Increase Efficiency and Profits

The critical areas for Steel Software are:

  • Extensive Price Calculations / Master Quotes
  • Inventory Management
  • Perfect Processing / Remanufacturing
  • Shop Floor / Warehouse Management
  • Extensive Quality Management
  • Role-based User Management

Managing inventory in an ERP system is unique for the metals industry. Tracking varied dimensions of material, alloy charges, heat and lot numbers and their associated certificates is a challenge for most other systems.

It doesn't matter what type of material you work with: rods, tubes, pipes, sheets, plates, or coils, the metal software must be set up to handle any size or shape of material. It must also handle different metals: Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Brass. Any metal, any shape.

Metal Software - Compete for the Top

If your ERP system can't handle tracking of the dimensions of your inventory, then you are immediately losing visibility into one of the most valuable parts of your business. Our systems track the length, width, thickness, and diameter of all of your inventory out of the box. No expensive modifications, and no loss of visibility. Along with other inventory tracking functionality, it's a breeze to find your inventory by any combination of criteria.

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